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Conference guide for all registrants

    The conference will consist of three different ways of scientific interactions:

  • Plenary sessions

  • Shuffling splinters ( 3 sessions)

  • Topic-based splinter (1 session)

  • The plenary session will have three invited talks in frontier topics related to exoplanetary science. Each of the plenary talks will be for ~20 minutes including Q&As moderated by a chair.

    The shuffling splinter sessions will be where most of the discussions will be taking place. We will have three episodes of shuffling splinters. Each episode will consists of a small group of people, randomly pre-assigned such that everyone should get to meet between 20 and 23 different people.

    Topic-based splinters

  • To facilitate collaboration and in-depth discussion on subjects of common interest we have a "Topic-based splinter" for about ~45mins towards the end of the conference. This session will be based on the six topics:

  • Direct and indirect detections Planet formation & discs Planetary interiors and habitability
    Atmospheric modelling and characterisation Tides and orbital dynamics Stellar modelling, activity and characterisation
  • This session does not have a list of speakers or presentations but driven completely by a few sub-topics and questions suggested by you.

  • You can ask your questions to the moderators in advance by filling out this form -- Ask me anything.

  • If you have multiple question, then feel free to fill the form multiple times.

  • The deadline to fill this form is 18th April 2021.

Gather.Town - Posters sessions/social meeting

    We will host a virtual poster session using Gather.Town, a virtual platform designed to emulate a real-world social experience. We will circulate a link to the registered attendees two weeks before the conference. Gather.Town allows you to walk around and video chat with attendees nearby. We plan to have the following poster rooms:

  1. Share a plot/image: All the attendees will have an opportunity to just share a single image or a plot. To request a slot email ukexom2021@contacts.bham.ac.uk with a single JPEG version of your plot/image/poster (limit the file size to 3MB). Just like you would at a normal conference you will have an opportunity to stand near your plot/image/poster and interact and discuss with other attendees.

  2. Institute/University posters: Each institution can present its group in a poster. The poster can represent /list the research undertaken, people involved and the facilities your institute/university has access to. The idea is to present your institute/ University since most of the audience might know one or two institutes. If you are interested in this session please email ukexom2021@contacts.bham.ac.uk

  3. Job advert: If you have PhD funding, a postdoc position or a permanent position that will open at your institution/university. Please email to ukexom2021@contacts.bham.ac.uk. We will have a Job advert room with your listing.

  4. Notice board: To advertise an upcoming conference or any other notice you would like to add, please email ukexom2021@contacts.bham.ac.uk

We prefer if you can send the plots/images/posters by 18th April 2021.